Need to Knows


I’m so excited about tis trip that we’re about to embark on. I can’t wait to meet all of you. Below you’ll find a list of must knows to prepare you for this adventure


Most of us  will be arriving late in Cairo. Anywhere from 11:30pm to 6Am   Our driver will meet us and take us to the hotel. It is about a 25min drive.

What to pack for Egypt: 

Women- While you don't need to wear a headscarf, it's not a bad idea to carry around a lightweight scarf. You will need it for visiting Mosque or Temples. 

Egypt is mostly hot. We do expect for weather to be milder in March. However loose/light weight fitting clothing is recommended. It is also very dusty/sandy. Jeans are okay however linen pants would be a good alternative. A pair of sneakers is recommended, also a bathing suit.


Travel Light. I suggest a fanny pack. I personally like to bring a small backpack that I carry on my front side. Also I recommend you make room for souvenirs and gifts in your luggage. 


I suggest leaving your passport in the hotel safe and taking a photo of it on your phone. (You do not want to lose this during your travels) Also, Please email me a copy of your passport as soon as possible for hotel, cruise and domestic flight reservation


As we get closer to our trip ill have to include every one on one whatsap thread. This will make it easier for me to communicate with every one. I’m thinking of having this going by January


Although we wont be doing much tipping in restaurants and hotels, we will be asked to tip our drivers and Cruise staff, security, and everyone that will assist us during this trip. at the end of our stay. I suggest putting aside about a $100-$120 in total tipping money for the entire trip. However you are more then welcome to tip hotel staff you feel compelled to tip. 


For every $1USD you will receive about 13 Egyptian pounds. In Egypt there is a lot of haggling when shopping for souvenirs and gifts. I will be there to assist you in any bargaining assistance you might need. It’s all up to you on how much you want to bring. Prices are lower there then other countries. $500-$1000 USD should suffice 


You will require a visa to enter Egypt. We can buy one for $25 once we arrive in to Cairo airport.

*Arrival night and first Day.

Since we will be arriving in to Cairo around 11:30 pm and not getting to our hotel close to 1am our rooms wont be available until 11am. Because of this we went ahead and booked extra rooms for us jut to lay our heads comfortably for the night until our room are available. Don’t worry about any additional cost for this. 

*Departure Day

Our Flight out of Hurghada On the last day departs at 11:30 Am getting us in to Cairo around 1Pm. The only departing daily flight out of Cairo back home is at 

1:50 Am. We can book  some rooms for the day for those that want to rest a bit or just need a place to set your luggage These  Accommodations are not included in your trip cost

*Emergency Contact information and Non-Liability and contact

Attached you will find a non-liability contract including a section to include an emergency contact for you. Please make sure to get this to us signed and dated by the time we meet at the airport. We’ll also have extra copies with us on that day.


With this being a large group we want to make sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable at all times. We made arrangements to have security with us during our trip to help with this. I’m not sure if it will be the same individual(s) each day or different. We will have more information for you once we arrive. 

Safety First

Additional Information


1. All attendees will be chaperoned throughout the entire tour, from the time of arrival to Egypt until departure home.


2. We have chartered a tour bus and hired a security guard to ensure everyone’s safety on and off the bus. Our bus will be monitored at all times.


3. During excursions, in an effort to keep everyone together as a group, I will be carrying around a designated object.

4. We will practice a buddy system at all

times, including shopping and down time.


5. We have implemented a check in system with local authorities so they are aware of our whereabouts at all times.

Your safety is my concern. 


Please feel free to contact me with any further questions and concerns.