Meet your guides

Ahmed Al Azab


One of the best and most entertaining Egyptology’s you’ll ever meet. Born and raised in Egypt and currently living in Luxor. Student of Cairo University and has been a freelance tour guide of Egypt for over 20 years. Theirs nothing you can’t ask him of Egypt that he won’t have the answer to. Expert in reading hieroglyphics and specializes in different dialects including German 


Sharif Giurgius


World Traveler Photographer and lover of adventure. Born in Italy with Egyptian roots now residing in Los Angeles California. Sharif ‘s love of his culture has driven him to share the beauty and wonder of Egypt with the world. 

Throughout much of his adult life, sharif has been traveling, seeking adventure and ways to learn from and interact with cultures which are very different from his own. Photography became a great excuse to look deeper and to make my experiences more intense. He's  particularly drawn to ancient traditions which are still surviving and evolving. To stories of people working in unique, challenging environments and those who live in close bond with nature.